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Image Image Image Image July in Minnesota brings a breathtaking transformation to the prairie landscape. As the summer sun bathes the land in golden light, the prairie comes alive with vibrant wildflowers and serene, captivating, peaceful scenes of nature. Thank you to Kaye Marohl for sharing these beautiful area photos with Appleton Press readers!


State raising county tillable acre values another 5%

Swift County sees price paid for an acre of land reach $12,248

by Reed Anfinson

Swift County’s agricultural land is getting another 5% increase in value from the State of Minnesota based on the strength of past sales.

Coming from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the increase reflects continued strong sales of farmland and assessed market values that don’t match the reality of sale prices.

For Swift County agricultural land values for taxes payable in 2025, the assessor reviewed sales that took place between Oct. 1, 2022, to Sept. 30, 2023. Notices of the new estimated property tax values were then mailed out early in 2024 with property owners having the chance to appeal the assessor’s valuation at a local board of equalization and then to the county board of equalization. The appeals process took place between April 1, 22024, to June 30, 2024. Subscribe or Log In